Custom Made Leather Goods and Leather Handbags


Exquisite craftsmanship is the hallmark of all custom made leather goods at April in Paris, a San Francisco-based boutique.  Our old world craftsmanship ensures the best quality and timeless luxury.  All leather goods including our leather handbags are hand-finished with the traditional saddle stitch and reinforced three times.

Custom Designed:  Each piece is custom designed and handcrafted using the talents of skilled master leather artisan, Beatrice Amblard and her team.  Their collection of customized leather goods include from alligator handbags to ostrich briefcases and french grain calf accessories.  “In the fashion world, where almost everything is mass produced, it is the ultimate luxury to own handcrafted leather items.  One would be hard pressed to find more astonishingly beautiful leather item than what is found at Béatrice Amblard’s April in Paris.” Quote by the Press.

Leather:  We only use the finest leather from four French tanneries.  From calf leather, to ostrich leather, lizard, alligator and stingray and they are available in a variety of customized colors.

Made in USA:    All our leather products are made in the USA at our San Francisco Boutique.  Clients from  all over the United States, England, Singapore, the Middle East, Australia, and Japan have discovered the timeless luxury and true quality of our American made leather goods.

Leather Handbags in our Store: For clients who want to purchase leather items immediately, we have beautiful, elegant one-of-a-kind leather handbags and accessories in stock at our boutique. All leather goods are handmade by our leather artisans.  CLICK HERE for our collection of leather handbags.


Old-world craftmanship | Hand-finished | Reinforced three times | Lifetime guarantee | Complimentary annual refurbishing

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