Meet our Lookbook Creator

Join Amelie Amblard, Leather Artisan and creator of our April in Paris Lookbook on her exciting journey – read about life in San Francisco, Paris memories, fashion and interesting snippets about working as a Leather Artisan.

Currently Amelie is developing her “Amelie Collection” which will be on display at April in Paris boutique in July 2016.  She explains her motivation for this: “It is a very exciting time in the leather making business, especially when it comes to handbags. Customers are tired of mainstream brands; they want something new, they want something special, unique and different from others.”

The process of “creating something new” and to be involved in the process from start to finish is very exciting to Amelie.     Through the painstaking detail required to produce quality handcrafted items Amelie has learnt to be patient – readily admitting that it is a quality she could never boast before joining April in Paris.

Amelie is a keen photographer and has big dreams for the future: To open a leather boutique in Los Angeles or New York, the US cities that set the tone for fashion.

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