What do you think of when you hear the word “wallet”? I think MONEY. As a leather wallet and accessory designer, I’m curious as to how we got the classic shapes that determine a wallet.

Watching a lot of History Channel growing up, I noticed that during the renaissance and onward, wallets were a determining factor of status and class. Commoners didn’t have nearly enough coins to need to store them in a separate entity, but those with money had small leather wallets, which were more like pouches attached to their belts.

Paper bills changed wallet designs
Once currency started to shift from primarily coins and onto paper bills, the idea of the wallet changed drastically. Instead of a pouch, the design was modified to accommodate bills lengthwise.

Credit Cards and Wallets
Leather wallets were certainly the dominating style, demonstrating wealth and high status. In the early 50s, the first credit cards were being introduced to the public. Once again changing the wallet shape; adding card slots to billfolds and coin purses. This is when custom leather wallets came into play, designed to adapt to each customers needs.

Custom Designed Wallets

Custom leather wallets became a niche market then, and still to this day. Now, we value handmade, crafted just for me, one of a kind wallets. Even better if the leather used is exotic: alligator, ostrich, lizard, stingray, and shark!

If you’re curious about these leathers, check out our wallet section on the shopping page. The “Bruce” card case is my personal favorite: sleek design, durable, perfect for a visible drivers license and a few other essential cards, made with a metallic blue and black sharkskin.


For inquires to customize your own handmade leather wallet, email us at: office@aprilinparis.us

Our wallets have a lifetime warranty and complimentary annual refurbishing.  We have one of a kind handmade leather wallets available in our store.  CLICK HERE