Leather handbag handles

A handbag is an investment and you always want to make sure it is durable, serve your purpose and most of all you need to feel comfortable with your choice and carry it with pride.  We have been making leather handbags for over 20 years, and experience on a regular basis that people get lost in searching and selecting a good quality handbag.

Handbags serve a different purpose for every customer. They select bags for a special event, everyday use, to compliment their looks, style or an outfit – the reasons are endless and are different for every customer.

Below guidelines that will help you to select a good quality bag. In a series of blogs we will share more tips on how to select a good handbag.

Your handbag strap is going to work the hardest. Select a bag with quality handles that will carry your bag well. Rivets on handles are not a sign of quality. It needs to be hand stitched and reinforced – this is the only way April in Paris makes handbags.  You can also check the way the handles is attached on the bag – make sure the stitches are strong.

Select leather that is soft and buttery. Avoid reconstructed bonded leather, it will eventually peel and wear off.  Bonded or reconstructed leather is made off shredded leather pieces and leather fiber, mixed with bonding materials like glue.  With bonded leather It is always difficult to predict how long it will last and it is not durable.  Bonded leather is more stiff and not buttery and soft (characteristics of good quality leather).

We purchase from four French tanners and source only the finest and highest quality skins. Our tanners do special dye lots for April in Paris, and we have extraordinary color palettes to select from. For example, we purchase from a tannery southwest of France. They use old tanning traditions and all their skins are treated and hand finished to last forever.

How to care for your bag
Good quality handbags will last a long time – it all depends on individual treatment. Common mistakes people make are: stuffing bags too much, place them on surfaces that are not clean. You maybe walk in the rain, or touch your bag with less clean hands. Or you have pen marks inside or outside your bag.

Carry and treat your bag with pride. Take care of it will contribute to a long lasting relationship with your special bag.

Stay tuned for more tips on how to select a good quality handbag.