Differentiate yourself from your peers with “Old Craftmanship” leather items
In an age of technology and mass production, we find ourselves desperately trying to differentiate ourselves from our peers. Whether it be in fashion or on social media, we’re looking to stand out. Grasping to the last shred of tradition, we can find that unique quality in old craftsmanship. It’s a way to separate from the masses, and own or make something truly one of a kind.

As the focus of the world shifts to predominately mass-produced goods, the traditional methods once valued are being forgotten. Silversmiths, leatherworkers, shoemakers, along with other passionately driven artisans are innovatively searching to uphold the sanctity of their trade. With pride of their craftsmanship, skills, and knowledge these makers are reviving the art lost within this fast paced world.

Historically, craftsmen were the ones to supply their community with goods, while spreading skills and knowledge of their expertise. They are the only ones keeping to tradition, and refuse to be sucked into a machine run world. I proudly individualize myself with quality, and handmade goods, because I will not let such exceptional art forms die at the hand of technology.

And for this reason we at April in Paris price ourselves with our Custom made leather goods. Each item is hand-finished with the traditional saddle stitch and reinforced three times – true to the old world craftmanship that ensures best quality and timeless luxury. This is how we stand out in the leather goods market …

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