Meet our Leather Artisans

Beatrice Amblard, Master Leather Artisan

Beatrice Amblard – Master Artisan

Exquisite craftsmanship is the hallmark of every custom made product by master leather artisan, Beatrice Amblard under her label, April in Paris in her San Francisco-based boutique.

With more than 30 years of experience, Beatrice – who admits to “loving my craft now more than ever” – designs one-of-a-kind leather goods and has built a reputation for designing ultimate luxurious items.

With her high esthetical standards, she custom designs every leather item and incorporates the unique personal style of each client.


At the age of 16, French-born Beatrice fell in love with “the smell of leather, glue and wax (that) went right to my nostrils” during her first visit to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Paris – there and then abandoning her original plan to enroll in the carpentry program. She studied for two years and immediately was hired by Hermès, where she spent 15 years working on custom leather goods in Paris.

“Simply because I’m French, people who don’t know me, don’t realize how much I love this country. I took the best of the French and imported it to a country I love.”

Passionate as Béa is about her craft, weekends will find her outdoors and having fun outside of the studio. She loves going on walks – on the beach and in the mountains.  While she is out there, Béa will be observing and studying people.  She explains: “I’m passionate about people. I love to watch them in any situation and I love to interact.”

Amelie Amblard

Growing up as the only child of Beatrice Amblard and playing around her, Amelie has always been involved in handcrafting leather items.

After graduating with a double Major in Fine Arts and French Literature from St. Lawrence University in up-state New York, Amelie showed interest in learning the craft and completed the Amblard Leather Atelier program.

She finds inspiration for her leather creations in unexpected places and people around her – she uses the opportunity to observe different shapes, formats, colors and people that can be translated into a new design.


Amelie plans to concentrate on developing one-of-a-kind luxurious leather bags.  Amelie explains her motivation for this: “It is a very exciting time in the leather making business, especially when it comes to handbags. Customers are tired of mainstream brands; they want something new, they want something special, unique and different from others.”

The process of “creating something new” and to be involved in the process from start to finish is very exciting to Amelie.     Through the painstaking detail required to produce quality handcrafted items Amelie has learnt to be patient – readily admitting that it is a quality she could never boast before joining April in Paris.

Amelie is a keen photographer and has big dreams for the future: To open a leather boutique in Los Angeles or New York, the US cities that set the tone for fashion.

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