April in Paris – Our Story

Passionate Clientele
If you are dreaming about an elegant, one of a kind luxurious leather item, April in Paris is the leathercraft designation for you.  Our clients have the pleasure of working personally with one of our Artisans to design and hand made their desired leather item. We have
a clientele of socialites, fashion professionals, interior decorators, millennials, and devotees appreciating high end custom
leather goods made in America.  “I don’t do fashion; I don’t follow trends.  I take a classic pattern  and play with colors and leathers.
You can wear my leather goods all year long and for a very long time” says Beatrice Amblard, Owner of April in Paris.

How We Started
In 1987, Beatrice Amblard was sent from Paris to San Francisco as the Hermès Ambassador – and never left the US.   She
opened April in Paris in San Francisco in 2000, and at her boutique she showcases her collection of handcrafted leather
goods consisting of handbags, briefcases, accessories and leather items for interior home design.

Meaning of our Boutique Name “April in Paris”
April in Paris, our boutique and workshop name is a romantic expression and speaks to everybody who knows what it is to be
in Paris in April. In naming the boutique, Béatrice wanted to pay homage to her heritage and bring some of the charming and
romantic Paris to the United States.

“Our orders at April in Paris can be imaginative and we have no limits as to what we can do.

Anything our customers can dream up in leather, we can craft.”

Our Process

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