Ordering Your Belt

It is extremely important to provide us with your correct belt measurement. We cannot accept returns for belts that are too big or small if the wrong measurement is provided. Please take the time to measure before ordering.  We offer a Lifetime Guarantee and Annual Refurbishing on all custom designed belts.

Measure Your Belt

See the following tutorials on how to properly measure to fit our belts

Measuring your waist

With no belt to measure to determine proper sizing, take your favorite pants and put them on. Use a tape measure and slip it through the belt loops on your pant. Measure from the start tip of the tape measure, around your entire waist, to where it meets on the other end, completing your exact waist measurement.

Measuring existing belt with buckle

To get the proper length belt, measure your old belt from where the pin rests on the buckle (red dot) to the hole you use most. This is your “Center Hole Length” and will be used to make your new belt as shown on the diagram. This will make your new belt fit properly on the center hole.

You can measure by laying your current belt out flat on a table, and measure as indicated.

Measuring for another Bee Belt

When reordering a Bee Belt, measure your strap as demonstrated above. The buckle pops into the two holes on the right. To measure for a Bee Belt, start by taking your belt strap, remove the buckle, pin-point your center hole, and measure the length to the farthest hole in which the buckle will go. That measurement is what we will use to make your custom Bee Belt.

1. Select your Style

Select from one of our timeless designs in our gallery, or discuss your desired design with one of our artists.

2. Choose your Buckle, Exterior and Interior

All buckles can be ordered in Sterling Silver; 18k Gold, Rose Gold or White Gold Plate; and 18k Solid Gold

3. Select Leather Swatches and Color Options

See Swatches for leather and color options.

*Intellectual Property
April in Paris will not duplicate the work of another creator. Instead we will create a unique piece to match your style and needs.

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