While working many hours a day on my new leather handbag line the “Amelie” collection, I  made some time to go to Bloomingdales to do some bridesmaids dress shopping, and of course had to check out some of the handbag competition. Every corner I turned, it was the same colors, the same style, everything was studded but still muted. I honestly was not impressed with what I saw.

For this new “Amelie” collection I wanted it to stand out, pop, be bold in color and design. Playing with geometry and color blocking, I was able to create a cohesive yet versatile collection of 5 bags. Orange, Red and Taupe, all combined to draw attention and BE the center of attention.

Each piece is cut and glued by hand, each side saddle-stitched by hand, each edge sanded and finished by hand. Hours of blood, sweat and tears put into each leather handbag.

french grain calf leather handbag

One handbag takes between 20 and 35 hours of work. When we finish a piece, we can say we’re proud to put it up in our display window, and personally, I get butterflies in my stomach when someone picks up a handbag from the “Amelie” collection and points out the great leather craftsmanship.


This is the Lana bag, one of the first completed of the Amelie Collection, and soon to be on display in July!  It is made of French Grain Calf leather.  It’s a real sense of honor and accomplishment, which I want whoever purchases my Amelie leather handbag to wear with pride on their arm.  Stay tuned for more about the Amelie collection.leather french grain calf handbag made in america