Amelie Collection – Luxury French grain calf leather bags

Amelie Amblard’s versatile colorful collection of five luxury leather bags is now on display at April in Paris’s boutique on 15 Clement Street in San Francisco. Each bag is hand-stitched, durable, multipurpose use and made from French grain calf leather.  “Orange, red and taupe are combined to create a modern yet classic style” says Amelie.  Each piece is cut and glued by hand, each side saddle-stitched by hand, each edge sanded and finished by hand.  All bags have a lifetime guarantee and complimentary annual refurbishing.


  • Can be worn from daywear to evening wear
  • Every design has been structurally mapped out to last forever (hours of patternmaking)
  • Each design was thought out for both practicality and style
  • The bright colors pair great with any neutral, as well as paired with brighter colors
  • Colors aren’t common this year – spice up your wardrobe
  • Can be customized into two other color combinations – each relevant for other seasons

Amelie collection Irish Clutch

Iris Clutch  – PURCHASE

  • Just big enough for the essentials of a “night out”
  • Hand stained, in-house, wooden handle
  • Thin/compact design
  • Exotic red leather accents


Amelie collection Naomi tote

Naomi Tote – PURCHASE


  • Shopping bag /travel bag for women
  • Practical yet stylish
  • Big enough for a working woman’s documents and computer

Amelie collection Sienna bag

Sienna Shoulder bag/handbag


  • Comes with detachable shoulder strap
  • Sleek geometric design / unique shape
  • All one piece: guaranteed to last forever

Amelie collection Payton backpack

Payton Backpack – PURCHASE

  • Leather covered silver handle and detachable backpack straps
  • Easy to open turn lock
  • Macbook Air pocket inside
  • Travel bag for women

Amelie collection Lana bag

Lana  Bag – PURCHASE


  • Sporty style
  • Expandable top zipper closure
  • Securely/perfectly fits under arm for comfort
  • Classy sophisticated sport styled bag

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